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Server Consolidation with Zero Business Disruption


A very well known food processing company in the field of processed food having hundreds of retail outlets in and around Pune.  The Company has established leading positions in various perishable food products.


Although the company has added IT assets in terms of Desktops, Laptops and Servers from time to time,  the management of the company felt that the applications running on old client server architecture was just on the verge of collapse and decided that custom web application to centralise the all the data and its usage.  The company’s operations demanded  24 x 7 x 365  always on computing.  The IT department was not geared enough to cater this challenge.   The company has a very tight budged for the activity.  The company wanted a tight security of its data.


With an established vendor relationship already in place, the company turned to Gansan IT Technologies.  A team of technical IT and engineering resources,  involved in the program. On in depth study  into operations and workflow of the company, team has decided ct components with clear objectives as follows:

  • Data Availability should be always available.
  • Instead of traditional computing, Virtulisation will cater the business demand.
  • Computing and Data Storage should be separated.
  • Disaster Recovery plan must be worked out along with automated backups.

A series of meetings took place between  Gansan IT’s Technical team  and company’s officials the plan was finalised and decided that the work should start at the end of the financial year and entire work should be completed before start 1st day [ 10 AM ] of the new financial year. 

The solutions involved following components. 

a.  Linux based Virtulisation solution.

b.  Physical to Virtual migration of current OS and its applications on couple of servers.

c. Installation and fine tuning of Linux based LAMP server to cater the web application.

d.  Storage server with automated remote backups and snapshots at every 15 minutes.

e.  Networking

f.  Web based management console.


Once the objectives were defined,  along with date of final delivery,  the necessary hardware was procured 2 weeks in advance.  The whole hardware was put on 96 hours burning test before starting of actual installation.  When the Virtulisation and Storage servers are ready,  the same was again tested creating a very high simulated loads for any possible failure.

After closure of  of the last working day [ 6 PM ] of the financial year,  the whole setup is been done in a rack, physical to virtual migration took place for nearly 8 hours.  Meanwhile Lamp Servers were installed and fine tuned for the required work load.  Newly migrated servers were switched on and checked for data integrity and consistency.   Backup policies applied.  Tested for  power break-down in the middle of work and confirmed that nothing is breaking.

When every smallest thing was doubly confirmed,  the IP’s of the old servers re-allocated to new VM’s and practically without loss of any business time,  the whole operation was completed successfully. 


The company officials were fully satisfied with the speed and accuracy of the job done by Gansan IT.  The company also acknowledged that the  Open Source implementation has really worked beyond their expectations. 

The solution has proved once again after end of 5 months of implementation, when, unfortunately, Ransomware attack has encrypted all the Windows based Virtual Server, Gansan IT team has restored all the servers in couple of minutes and operations restored. 

Edu-cloud on a cluster


A nationally known college runs specialised professional courses on large campus in Pune.  The college has thousands of students in different streams.  Advanced IT is one of them.


The college is looking for a solution to install a cluster for its student.  The purpose of the cluster was to educate its students to know the working and workflow of live migration of running VM,  how VM can migrate in case of hardware malfunctioning /power outrage occured on any compute node.  The real challange was  the college need to have this infrastructure on Open-Source platform so student can learn real insight.  According to college, the objective can not be achieved using ready-to-use solution using close source.

Besides this objective, college also wanted to experiments with learning platforms like Moodle, Linux, conduct online exams.


Gansan IT techno-marketing team made a couple of  visits to college and thru series of presentations, convinced college that team can work out a near perfect solution with the cost constraints in mind.

A four node cluster  with a storage was designed with a web console and custom scripts,  the implementation was done in record time of flat 2 days.

Extra Activities

Conducted two days intensive training to all the teaching staff + select students for the administration of cluster.  During the process several demo VM’s of Windows , Linux, Solaris , BSD were created and demonstrated how live migration and high availability can be practiced.


The dean of the college personally vouched that the solution given by Gansan IT is just perfect.  After using the solution for more than 1 year, the college is thinking of duplicating the solution at other locations of the college.

High performance storage


Pune based engineering company engaged in engineering designs and manufacturing production line based on self-created custom designs  for several products.  The company has staff over 60 and increasing.


The company has a closed source storage server which was not giving optimal performance,  the storage has  almost reached to its limits and wanted to replace the same at the earliest possible.  According to company officials,  the data is too important to them and at any case they do not want to loose it under any circumstance.  There was no backups of data were maintained relying purely on Raid hardware.  Since the company is working in completely different domain,  there was IT Admin.  

Work carried out

When the challenge thrown to Gansan IT,  the storage solution designed keeping in mind usage pattern and future disk-space requirements,  necessary hardware procured.  Raid -Hardware dependency was removed from the solution.  The storage OS selected was BSD Unix for the sake of convenience, cost and performance on block level.  Software raid given the required agility.  Staf / Department access control list was implemented to have granular permissions on access of files and security .  With SSD caching, the performance was improved almost by 80 %.  Data from old storage server synced on new storage server in live condition.  This operation took almost for one week due to large volume of data and number of files.  When the job done,  we have converted the old server on same lines and made it replication server so that in the event of any break down, customer’s staff can still work and operations of the company continues.


The working designers of company and other staff now can work directly on the storage itself.  The company has expressed satisfaction over the work, speed of work, clean approach.  Willingly company has engaged Gansan IT on a long term basis for all its IT services.

Managed Infrastructure Services & Consultation

Education Institute

Customer is multi-location International School in Pune having all sort of modern infrastructure, and excellent campus for its students.


The interaction with started with the requirement of Interactive Digital Class Room as per international standards.  Upon our presentation and conviction, the school has thrown more challenges in the area of constituting  virtual classroom, networking, wi-fi for the entire school, storage, firewall , public address system, cabling, CCTV  surveillance .  Finally we understood that the school lacked many infrastructural things and its  management.

Work Done

1.  Implemented Digital Class Rooms in several classes with help of short-throw projectors, interactive white-boards, audio system and third party contents.

2.  Installed CCTV Surveillance system, NVR and its storage. 

3.  Ensured network / wifi availability through out school. 

4.  Implemented Centralised Server giving dropbox like functionality to all teaching staff on a local network so that they can save their teaching material and share with their co-teachers.  The storage is also a part of disaster recovery, automated backups and acl.

5.  Implemented by re-purposing existing server + Thin clients  for creation of virtual lab for its students. 

6.  Bio-metric devices.

7.  Public Address System with speakers  for the entire building.

—  Complete IT inventory using automated system and established protocol for its management and monitoring.


The management was completely satisfied after taking feedback from their staff and all the things were planned in an efficient manner and keeping in mind that every solution would be stackable, based on open-source and  future proof.

Private cloud


Automobile Distributor for Maharashtra & Goa which has employees and offices  distributed region wise specially for sales and distribution of spares. Presence of their organisation is from the last two decades and their primary focus was to increase their business sales and engage more resellers in this market.


Centralised data storage and ERP server for tally which is not at all web based .

They had been using a conventional method of maintaining their IT  Infrastructure which was time consuming for daily accounting work which includes daily accounting voucher , delivery challan , stock , & inventory.


As the customer is in the distribution field he was having different options for his challenge. So we studied the customer requirement as keeping in our mind how the daily operation can be done at ease so we came across the Linux based Private & Public cloud which would cater all his requirements.

Solution which we worked as follows :

  1. Private cloud with BSD-Unix based storage .
  2. Tally server running on Linux
  3. Linux based desktop for the branches with tally installed.
  4. Public cloud for their website and web based video conferencing.
  5. Backup server with automated backup and mail notification.
  6. Firewall to limit the access rights as per management requirement.
  7. Training of concerned staff for two days for the usage and clarity of doubts.


Management was satisfied with the work after three months of operation and utilization of infrastructure was at maximum level and there many things which they were able to do like work from home to accounting people. Currently they are working on a virtual office concept with making their staff 100% efficient using current IT infrastructure.

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