Debloat Windows 10

Even if you completely reinstall Windows 10 from scratch, it still comes with preinstalled apps and settings that make it run less efficiently than it could. This is what we refer to as “bloat”.

If you want to just run this on any system, you can easily copy and paste this into a Admin Powershell prompt and watch it do everything for you.

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

What this script can do

  • Installs Chocolatey, Notepad++, Irfanview, VLC, Java, and asks if you want Adobe Reader or Brave.
  • Removes all Windows Store Apps EXCEPT office, xbox, and WSL.
  • Removed Telemetry
  • Disables Cortana
  • Deletes various schedules tasks that rebloat the system
  • Removes Other Bloatware (Candy Crush, etc.)
  • Fixes problems that other scripts causes (lock screen and personalization options restricted)

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