Firewall Hardware Guidance

To size a  firewall  keep in mind  these 3 main factors:

  • Required throughput
  • Features or additional packages
  • Number and type of NIC (Network Interface Card) required

These 3 factors mainly affect RAM, CPU, mass memory and NIC quantities.

How to calculate throughput ?

A sum of available throughput of all interfaces [ including wan and lan / vlan etc ]



Firewall Ethernet Card -Top Cards.

1 GB Ethernet Card2.5 GB Ethernet Card10GbE (SFP+) NIC10GbE (10Gbase-T)-- backward compatible with 1GbE networks40GbE NIC 100 GB
Intel i350 (and Intel i354)Intel 225 Chelsio T520-SO-CRChelsio T520-BTChelsio T580-LP-CRIntel E810-CQDA2
Intel i210 / Intel i211Intel 226Chelsio T520-CRIntel X550-T2Chelsio T580-SO-CR
Intel 82574LIntel X710-da2Chelsio T420-BTIntel XL710-qda2
Intel X520-da2 / X520-sr2Intel X540-T2
Chelsio T420-CO-SR
Chelsio T320-CO-SR