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Storage Server Model 22B8

Storage Server Model 22B8

ProcessorIntel Multi Core / Multi Thread X86 – 64 Bit
Memory16 GB – Up-gradable to 128 GB
Ethernet Interface1 Gbps , Option for 10 GB
FirmwareSingle / Dual SSD/Nvme
Hard Drive Bays [ 2.5″ / 3.5″ Both supported ]8
Hard Drives [ CMR only 2.5″ / 3.5″ Both supported ]/ SSD NAS / Enterprise
Storage Media AdapterHBA Card special cable with cables – [ Only in HDD/SSD more than 4 numbers ]
Power SupplyHigh End – Inbuilt
Cabinet A very unique storage case. Box Type, Dust Proof, with 120mm X 3 Cooling fan
Management UIIncluded

Other Models :

Model 22T13 :   This model  is a 12 Bays [ 2.5″ / 3.5″ Both supported – in Tower cabinet with cooling fan. This can translate in large capacity of storage depending on combination of storage media.

Model 22T6 :   This model  is a 6 Bays [ 2.5″ / 3.5″ Both supported – in Tower cabinet with cooling fan. Serves as entry level storage cabinet with enough bays .  

Model 22RC :   Storage server in a rack cabinet.  Number of bays depends on the exact requirements of customer.  Available Brands Super Micros, Dell, HP & Lenova with custom configuration.  Other configuration also varies.


What is Storage ?

The hear of your business is your data.

Emails, financial records, customer records, vendor records, product designs, contracts, digital photos, designs, scanned documents these all make up the lifeblood of your business in form of data.  It represents the collective investment of time, money and hard work that is your business.

And the risk of losing this important data is always present, whether a failed hard drive, viruses, ransomware or simply human error. Also consider the possibility of data theft or wrong action by unsatisfied, mischievous employee.

Securing up your data is an essential requirement of survival in the modern business world.

But securing up your business data is only half of the solution. Additionally, you need to have a plan in place for how you are going to recover that data. This will not happen unless you have central repository called DATA STORAGE APPLIANCE.

We specialize in working with you, to assess the need inherent to your data, develop a plan and implement that plan to achieve above purpose.

Are you ready for catastrophic data loss ???? No way !!!
Let us help you remove this fear from your mind with practical steps.

Think of GANSAN STORAGE APPLIANCE today.. Its a powerful, rugged, tested, built-with-a-purpose device required by every organisation.

You have further option of replicate all your data to any remote office location or on a cloud over internet, but in a secured way.

Data Sheet : GANSAN Implementation

ArchitectureX86 64 Bit
File SystemWorlds most advanced file system- ZFS - Copy on Write
File System Capacity256 Quadrillion Zettabytes
Auto TuningYes
Raid Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10
Support for VirtulisationYes
Time based snapshotsYes
Needs special raid controllerNo, works with SATA &/or HBA
Web UIFull Featured Web UI for easy management.
Integration with Microsoft ADYes
User / Group ManagementYes
Works withWindows, Linux, Apple OS X
Protocols supportedNFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP, rsync
Self Healing CapacityYes
Replication to remote serverYes [ Initiate or Target Mode ], Modular
Networking Support1 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, 10 Gbps
Storage devices SSD, HDD [ Sata / Sas ]
Encryption Available
Cloud SyncYes, modular
Ready to use BoxAvailable from Gansan IT from 1 TB to 200 TB Capacity with custom config.
License costNil [ Open Source ]. We charge for design, installation and implementation only
SupportOn-Site Installation / Remote support thru ticket portal.

Note :  Due to continious changes in technology, all features are subject to change.  Please check with GANSAN at the time of placing the order.

FAQ : Storage

What is GANSAN role in storage implementation ?
  1.  Sizing.
  2. Suggesting right model based on the inputs from customer.
  3. Onsite Installation and support.
  4. Administrative hands on training during implementation.
How much capacity of Data Storage we need ?

Totally depends on your data your organisation has.  As such there is no bar on total capacity.

Whether replication Server is must ? Whether the data is replication in auto mode ?

If you feel that data stored on storage server is critical , we recommend to have a local or remote replication server.  Once properly set,  all the snapshots are replicated on replication server without any human intervention. 

Will we get any notification if some thing goes wrong ?

If smtp details are available, and if the server is connected to Internet, we can configure auto notifications.  Any failure, the storage server will create an email and the same will be sent to you.

Will it support the Virtualisation ?

Yes, storage will support even for the virtulisation environment as well as it has NFS & ISCSI protocols.

What happens in case of any power outrage ?

We normally suggest appropriate power conditioning in form of UPS.  Even if UPS is not available, nothing should happen.  As the firmware and data disks are separate, and the file system is copy-on-write feature, no data corruption can take place.

What type of Hard Disks are suggested ?

Any brand of Hard disks either specifically made for NAS /Enterprise hard disks are okay.  Sata Drives must be with CMR technology.  Cheap SMR hard disks are not supported and if used, in the event of HDD failures, data recovery is next to impossible.  You are warned.

Will the storage server integrate with existing Microsoft AD environment ?

Yes …

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