We aim to be the just a tech company, fully focused & committed to our customers bringing advanced & cutting edge but a user friendly technology for better efficiency, flexibility, automation & security.


We are a Pune based technology company born of the belief that IT infra can be simplified, and freeing customers from the clutches of greedy vendors.  

We have the confidence to envision a world where innovation in Open Source  drives extraordinary contributions to every customer.

Our expert IT infrastructure services assures your organization not only has access to the best IT solutions, but the guidance necessary to be able to independently use them to employ better, more effective business strategies.

We have the options and expertise to create a near perfect, future ready  custom solution for your on-premise or on-cloud IT infrastructure.

We are a  right Technology Partner

As a an experienced, professionally managed company, we act as your trusted adviser. We help you choose the right IT infra and deployment strategies for your organisation and your unique set of needs.

Factors we consider:

  • Your technological road-map and competitive edge.
    Your business plans and strategic goals
    Matching technologies with your current team skills.
    Understanding costs of building/migrating, running and maintaining your IT environment
    Aligning migration timeline and resource usage with your business goals

We make  sure that you have all the required  smooth running IT related infrastructural setup   & information your team  need to run your IT as an important backbone service with proper security and disaster planning, so that you remained focus on your core business without any worry.   We really make it happen  for you.

Cost Monitoring, Control and Optimization

We will help you control, monitor and reduce your IT related costs. Our infrastructure and development architects will work with you to review your current (and planned) IT environment; and will provide recommendations and best practices on cost reduction strategies and in-house or cloud architecture. As part of the solution we will integrate Open Source Technologies and tools to support controlling the reduced costs.

24/7 Expert Support

Any day, any time – We’re here for you 24/7. We take pride in being the first (in most cases also the last) line of support.