Simplifying IT

Welcome to GANSAN IT TECHNOLOGIES,  where you get solutions that simply works!!!

We simplify the solutions and enable your organization to respond more quickly to market changes. Our focused solutions provide better control, visibility and security across all areas of your business so you can operate more efficiently, improved returns, reduce risk and achieve long term success—no matter what your business is. 

We ensure you make the most of your IT and  investments made in IT.  We introduce simplicity, standardization and re-usability into the solutions, giving you the confidence to not just meet your business needs, but to take it to next level of growth. 

With our unique engagement model and IT expertise, we ensure that all the IT aspects of solution are taken care of, so that client can focus on their business. Our solutions enable our clients to unlock and leverage full potential of IT resources  triggering exponential business growth.

compute solutions

A complete KVM based platform to satisfy all virtulisation needs for  server consolidation, vdi,  featuring live migration, cluster and backups, compatible to Windows, Linux, BSD, & Containers with management console.

storage solutions

Full blown data storage solution featuring integrated raid, volume management, auto snapshots, local as well as remote replication, AD integration. Works as SAN as well as NAS in Windows as well Linux environment.

network solutions

Comprehensive firewall with in-built DNS, DHCP, Reverse Proxy & VPN Server.  Custom rules gives full flexibility to decide what Internet traffic comes in and what goes out. Supports multiple wan, vlan interfaces.