Support all your learning environments, from classroom to lab and beyond.


Take advantage of highly adaptable infrastructure to meet the challenges of modern factories.

Every school, college and university wants to simplify its IT infrastructure while lowering TCO. For many institutions, the best approach involves deploying  a just right solution which is time tested and proven..

GANSAN helps Education leaders to easily and quickly deploy IT infrastructure, applications and data across on-premises, edge and cloud environments – and manage it all with an easy-to-use centralized dashboard.

By virtualizing server applications and traditional desktops, educational institutions can efficiently use their infrastructure,  provide a consistent user experience with optimized application performance, and simplify management for IT administrators.

GANSAN made it easy.

A Complete Solution

Infrastructure for Virtual Desktops and Servers removing risk of conventional solutions.

Risk free low cost to start

Start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large installations, thanks to a modular design. Perfect for schools, colleges and universities.

Operational efficiency

Gain operational efficiency with simplified management, a smaller footprint, and lower management, cooling and power costs.

Implementation scenario

  • Virtulised Servers  / Desktops for Lab
  • Centralised  Storage for teaching staff and students.
  • Local GIT Server for student repositories
  • Digital library of study material / pdf books / audio books
  • Virtulised server for erp  application
  • Interactive classroom.
  • Cluster for production use.
  • Network Firewall
  • Wi-Fi Setup
  • Inter institute secured connectivity
  • Local hosting of servers.

Convenient customized commercial options are available !!!